Energypath Conference

All Speaker Slots for Energypath 2018 Have Been Filled



Thursday, July 26th, 2018 | DeSales University


Energypath is the Mid-Atlantic’s premiere sustainable energy conference to connect professionals, policymakers,
and academics in the sustainable energy industry. 

Grid integration is an increasingly critical issue as the demand for electricity rises along with the growing need for reliable and 
diverse sources of electricity.  Although progress has been made to improve grid stability and resiliency, more needs to be done 
to integrate renewables, batteries, and vehicles into the electric grid.  This conference will evaluate the challenges of
 grid integration and discuss viable solutions. 



Organizations with an interest are actively encouraged to take part in the conference.  If you are interested in sponsorship 
  opportunities, please contact Kristen Sehn at 610-264-4440 or for more information.



Pre-Conference Energy Camps

Call for Energy Camp Instructors


The goal of Energypath is to develop a knowledge of and passion for sustainable energy in the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Originally, known as Solar Scholars®, the event has grown from the Sustainable Energy Fund providing a single grant for one person to attend a solar training workshop in Colorado to multiple events with more than 60 speakers and 500 attendees. Solar Scholars® focused on providing hands-on training for college students and professors on solar photovoltaic installation.

In 2009, Energypath began providing scholarships to dislocated workers, middle school and high school teachers. Three day workshops, known as Energy Camps, in renewable energy topics were added. Topics include Solar PV, Wind, Micro-hydro, Energy Efficiency, and Introduction to Sustainable Energy.

Energy Camp Teacher Responsibilities

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Sustainable Energy Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that assists energy users in overcoming educational and financial barriers to a sustainable energy future: a future in which energy is harvested, converted, distributed and utilized in a manner that allows all to meet their energy needs without compromising the ability of their children and grandchildren to meet their needs.

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