Speaker Presentations




 Bob Hamburg, Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems:

"The Why and Wherefore of Small Farm Biogas Systems"            



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 Brent Voelker, Kinsley Energy Systems:

"Hybrids That Don't Go Anywhere: How Distributed Energy
Resources Decrease Carbon Emissions"


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Joanne Ivancic, Advanced Biofuels USA: 
"Advanced Biofuels: From Cooking Fuel to Jet Fuel and Beyond"                        



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Joe Soldano & Mike Merchant, Worthington Energy Innovations:

"Energy Efficiency at Ocean Spray"            


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 Neil Donahue, Carnegie Mellon University:

"The Impact on Greenhouse Gases on Pennsylvania's Climate"                        


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 Temur Akhmedov, Warren Energy Engineering:

"Behavior Based Strategies and Organizational Change"          

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